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Tim Richardson

27 years of Carp and catfishing and the author of Big Carp Bait Secrets.

Tim Richardson has had some pretty amazing catches over the years whilst putting his expert knowledge on bait making into practice. Not only has he landed some spectacular carp but has also had a tally of catfish to make any catfish angler green with envy!
Tim has kindly sent in some pictures of his captures and has agreed to share some of his expert knowledge on baits and bait making to help everyone put some fish on the bank.
Tim's book 'Big Carp Bait Secrets' is available to buy online by visiting his website. The site has various info regarding the book including some extracts for a taster of what to expect. If you get chance have a look and see for yourselves.
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Click Here to Read Article on Homemade Catfish Baits.




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