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The power of Leeches...

... If you are looking for an exclusive Catfish bait then look no further than the Leech. For some reason that I am not sure of yet, Catfish seem to be the only fish to eat them, making them a Catfish only bait, and they love them!
For many just the expense of buying the Leeches will be enough to put you off using them but the results more than outway the cost.
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Three 20s in 10hrs
The weather had been really hot and sunny during the day and the warm evening was perfect for the cats to feed. Just after 10pm the worm rod was away with a powerful take and the first cat was on! At this point you remember just what it is that keeps you in search of this awesome fish - that hard powerfull fight.
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lovely Lobs!
A perfect natural bait that the catfish love to eat. A couple of the biggest Lobs you can find will certainly rival any other bait you could think of to tempt a hungry cat. This section is all about the humble garden worm and how to use them in an effective way to tempt the Wels Catfish.
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keep your worms in top condition
All the tips and advice needed to find and care for your Lobworms.
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Mission accomplished...
July was already here and the catfish season had been under way for a while now and i had not managed to get much fishing done! It was time to book a session with the aim of hopefully landing a 30lb cat. I decided on leeches and lob worms for bait with the worms being fished over a bed of pellets mixed with salmon oil and tuna.
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Spanish Cat Scene...
When it comes to Spain the catfish are something else! Monsters grow and have been landed in excess of 200lb. In this new section we will bring some very informative articles on fishing for these giant cats of the Spanish river systems. Articles to follow will cover various areas including caring for your cats whilst on the bank, rigs, location and much much more. Stephen Buss from carpandcatbussters.com has kindly offered to supply us with information and pictures of some of his amazing catches on the Ebro.
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