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Jan 07 - Welscatfish.co.uk forum
We have just started a catfish forum to help everyone interested in wels catfish. We hope that everyone will sign up and start posting their experiences for all to share. It will also be very helpfull for seeing how venues are fishing and for general fishing chat.
welscatfish forum

18.09.06 - Cats captured so far
Cats on the bank for Phil: 2lb, 4lb, 21lb, 24lb, 31lb, 34lb, 4lb, 8.5lb, 6lb, 21lb 8oz, 10lb.
Glens total so far: 5lb, 4lb, 24.5lb, 3lb.
Barri: still to catch his first cat.

Sep 2006 - 42lb9oz cat from Jimmys
Paul Clavero had a cracking wels from Jimmys lake in Corringham Essex on Halibut Pellet, see his pictue in the gallery.




Sep 2006 - 21lb 8oz
Well the cats are making the most of the warm weather at the moment, I landed a 21lb 8oz cat whilst targeting the carp! The welcome cat took a double fishmeal boille fished over a bed of carp pellets.

July 2006 - 2x 30s
I had a twelve hour session on Jenkins during the really hot weather and managed to land 3 cats, 31lb, 34lb and a 2lb kitten. Leeches and lobs beeing the favoured baits.

02.05.06 - Our First catfish Trip of 2006
72hrs on Cobbleacre Mario lake, our first trip out in search of the Wels catfish.
The Cobbleacre Park fishing complex in Norfolk has a few pleasure lakes and a specimen lake known as Mario's. We were informed by the bailiff that the lake contained loads of cats to over 35lb and 200 plus carp over 18lb, a good place for our first trip, not all went as expected!
We arrived at the lake after a two hour drive to find the entire lake had been booked out and we were going to have to wait for swims to become free, not good when we had booked the lake and had been told only eight anglers would be allowed to fish! Things went from bad to worse, after talking to some local anglers we was advised the lake only contained 10 cats to 35lb and they hardly ever come out! So after 48hrs and not a touch we decided to call it a day and cut our losses. It just goes to show that local knowledge is often the best advice and some fishery owners are after making as much money as possible by exagerating the stocking levels! False advertising does not pay in the long term as we will not be visiting the place again and neither will any of the other anglers that fished the lake when we did.

Glens first cat of 2006
Glen is the first of us to land a catfish of 2006. The cat was more of a kitten of around 5lb taken from Carpenwater whilst fishing for carp. The catfish was tempted by glens squid and octopus flavour boilie fished with a PVA bag of 4.5mm carp pellets. Well done mate.

Our First catfish Trip of 2006

We have planned our first trip out this year to continue our search for the Wels Catfish.
As Barri is getting married in May we are having a Catfish Stag weekend! Bit different from going to Prague or Amsterdam but we should hopefully still see some kind of pussy!!! We will be trying our luck with 72hrs on Cobbleacre Mario lake. We have been advised the lake contains well over 20 cats between 12 and 35lb. A detailed report of our trip will be posted on our return.

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