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Pellet Rig

The pellet rig is a basic carp rig but stepped up to withstand the abrasive teeth of the catfish. I use either 20lb amnesia or kevlar braid for the hook length. This is tied to a size two extra strong hook using a knottless knot creating a hair long enough to hold two or three large pellets. This rig is fished using a free running lead with a large running ring.
When fishing close to the near margins replace the heavy lead with a few swan shots on a link ledger. This creates a very efficient rig with almost no resistance. Although catfish are predators with large mouths they can still be very finiky when feeding, so if a bait is picked up but there is too much resistance the catfish may well drop it and move on.



Materials: Size 2 Owner Gorilla hooks, Swivels and 40lb Kevlar Braid

Tie a small loop in one end of the braid which will form the hair

Attach the hook using a knotless Knot allowing approximately a 75mm hair for 2 or 3 25mm pellets

Cut a 20mm section of silicone tubing

Thread the tubing onto the braid and push down towards the hook

Push the silicone tubing over the eye of the hook to protect the knot from the catfishes teeth


Finished Pellet Rig, ready for bait and some cat action!


Phils Lobworm / leech Rig

The idea of this effective rig is to keep the worms off the lake bed and stop them from diving into the silt. I have found this rig to be one for night time use only as too many other nuisance fish will play havock with the worms during the day. The cork balls on the stiff rig tube creat an anti tangle boom keeping the worms off the bottom and away from the rig tubing.
This rig is a variation of the Dumbell rig which i have modified to suit my fishing style, it is perfect for leeches as well.




Try fishing with slack line and very light bobbins to help reduce the resistance.















Shopping List:
4x15mm cork balls
Stiff rig tubing
Shrink tube
Rig tube
Small rig rings
Hooks of your choice
20lb Amnesia

1.5mm Drill bit
Craft Knife
Rig Glue

Some monster Lobworms, the bigger the better!

Buy some lobworms a week or two before fishing and place them in a large baitbox with a mixture of compost, damp shredded newspaper and a handful of veg peelings. Leave them in a cool place for a week and you should have some monster lobs! Use moss to firm up the skins.



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