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Churchwood Fisheries - Jenkins
Located: Brentwood, Essex.
If you ever wanted to have your own lake I am sure this is how you would like it to look! Jenkins is the smaller of the two fishing lakes at Churchwood fisheries. It is a picturesque tree lined mature lake of about an acre in size with a few nice bark chipped swims allowing plenty of room for bivvies and all your kit. Each swim has plenty of features with several hotspots to aim for. The lake is quite silty but does have some hard gravel patches in the margins so you can be confident your baits are not silted up. The over hanging trees on the far bank seemed to be the best option for a take but I am sure the fish can be caught from any of the lakes many features.
Fish: Some of the best looking english carp and some very nice cats too along with Tench and Crucian Carp.



Result: Visit 1; We was met by Steve the owner who showed us the lake and offered us advice on how to tackle up for the cats, he also gave us some of the boilies he feeds the fish on, cant get better than that!
We had one cat of 15lb in the first few hours of dark which took a single lobworm in the margins. I also had a take from a cat about 2am but this was off after a few seconds!
Visit 2; Another 24hr session, A frantic take just after midnight on a bunch of worms unfortunately after a few minutes the fish found the snags and that was the end of an awesome fight, definately a big cat. During the day we had action from the carp with the biggest fish weighing in just over 20lb, a very nice fish too.
Advice: Bait presentation and location are crucial to success, fish tight to the snags to tempt the fish out. Worms seem to attract the catfish fished over a bed of chopped worms and pellets.
This is one fishery we will be visiting again as often as possible, one of the best to date.
2006: I have visited Jenkins several times this year and have not had a blank session to date. In June I started using Leeches on this venue and they have done so well I will not go without them now! Worms work just as good but most other fish like them too, so the cats dont get much chance during the day time.

Slough House
Located: near Bulphan, Essex.
Lake: A horseshoe shaped lake of aproximately 4 acres. Very popular at weekends and on the Saturday I fished it for the first time pretty much every swim was taken within an hour of the gate being opened!
Fish: From the information we managed to obtain from some regulars we found that the Cats run to over 50lb and there is quite a few around the 20lb mark. The lake also contains loads of carp running to 30lb.
Result: visit 1; I fished one rod for the cats and the other for the carp, had two mid double figure carp, no cats. visit 2; I had twelve carp between 8 and 17lb and one cat of 17lb. The cat took a bunch of popped up worms and the bait i used for the carp was monster crab boilies.
Advice: Avoid the weekends if you don't like it busy. After talking to a few local anglers we was advised that hallibut Pellets are the best bait for the catfish, and the carp too! After a few more visits we did get to the cats and managed to land some of its bigger residents.

Carpenwater (Syndicate)
Located: Clacton on Sea, Essex.
Lake: Just under 1 acre in size with an average depth of 7-8ft. The lake was a farm resavoir so has a uniform depth with gradual sloping sides. Fishing is only permitted on one bank but you can easily cast to all the hotspots without any trouble. Walking round the lake to bait up and place your rigs is allowed.
Fish: A few hundred stock carp where introduced a over two years ago which have really packed on the weight now. large Ghost carp and Koi are also present. The Catfish are new and have not yet been fished for but it shouldnt be too long before we can report on some catches.
Advice: Carp fishing; Cast onto the opposite bank, walk round and drop your rig in to the margin, then throw a handfull of pellets on top. When the fish have been actively feeding the bait has been picked up before you get back to the rod!

02.05.06 - Cats have started to show and have been caught on squid and octopus boilies.
10.09.06 - Several cats have been caught, not monsters yet but in a few years time who nows how big they will be!
10.05.07 - Cats are showing on a regular basis and growing well, several anglers have had cats on but not landed them due to the cats snapping them up or biting through the hooklength. Fish to 14lb have been landed so far this year.

Orchid Lakes in Oxford
The lake with cats in is Club Lake it cost us 12 and a 24hr session costs 20.
The lake has many cats in with the biggest so far being 46lb, according to the owner there are three known cats over the 40lb mark with six or so over 30lb and numerous 20's.
Popped up lobs are meant to be the best bait with pellets and boilies coming next. No live baits or freshwater deadbaits are allowed but you can use sea deadbaits. The lake is very secure and the anglers who use it where very vigilant. When we were there, calling the owner in the early hours when they thought someone was trespassing. He was on the bank in a matter of minutes. The fishery is mainly known for its big carp, (they have had a 40lb fish already this year) and is mainly fished by carp anglers, there are toilet and shower facilities on site with a cafe and shop selling a few bits and bobs. There are a couple of local take away places that deliver to the gates if required. Although we did not catch anything we did enjoy the session which I suppose is the real idea in going but it would have been good to have connected!

Details and review supplied by Jeff aka nutty.

Pondwood Fisheries
We are a day ticket venue that has hundreds of Cats. A 30+ pounder is caught every day. The largest is around 50lb The Cats are caught throughout the day and at Pondwood are not nocturnal.
Website for details www.pondwoodfisheries.co.uk

Details supplied by Mick Holdaway of Pondwood Fisheries

Todber Manor
The Paddock Specimen Lake is about 1 acre in size with a good head of fish, the biggest so far is 38lb 5oz with a couple more over the 30lb mark, eight over the 20lb mark and lots in the teens. Most succesful bait is popped up live baits caught from the lake (mainly small rudd) but the carp anglers seem to catch plenty on boilies. A very nice place with seven purpose made swims covered in wood chippings and the whole lake has plenty of features to target. The cost is 20 for a 24 hour session or 10 for 12 hours which is a good price for some decent fishing. They have another five lakes with some good fishing, a well stocked tackle shop selling all you need in the way of tackle and bait (even specialist cat stuff), toilet and shower facilities are also available.
I spoke a lot with the owner and some of the locals and they were all very friendly and helpful in tactics in catching the fish.
Website for details www.todbermanor.co.uk

Details and review supplied by Jeff aka nutty

Fosse Hill Fisheries, Brandesburton - Review By Ash Richardson
Watersedge Park features one of the best spots in East Yorkshire for fishing. Featuring five superb fully stocked lakes situated in the beautiful East Yorkshire countryside, the scene is set for a great day of fishing. "Gold Award, 5 Star Fishery" "Fishery of the month" Angling Times "Northern Fishery of the Year" Daily Express 1998
Opening TimesDay ticket fishing open every day of the year 7am until dusk (latest 9.30pm in summer) Night fishing: Must be pre-booked by telephone (01964 544357) fishing 6pm until 9am. Price: Adult = 6.00 Junior / OAP / disabled = 4.00 Night fishing 6pm - 9am the next day = 12.00 5 hour fishing match (whole pond 60.00)
RULES Two rods maximum. No keep-nets. No boilies. No ground bait. No barbed hooks. No litter. No fires. Children must be accompanied by an adult for safety reasons.
Type of fish and size Carp 34lb+ Catfish 42lb + Bream 10lb+ Rudd 2lb+ Chub 5lb+ Barbel 5lb+ Roach 2lb+ Tench 8lb+ Pike 25lb+ Perch 2lb+ Eels 5lb+ Ide 3lb+
Five lakes ranging from 1/2 - 3 acre's with depths between 3' - 16'. Very heavily stocked with all types of coarse fish. Safe flat bank.
On-site cafe. Luxury toilet block for men, women and disabled. Six car parks; no long walks to your peg. Match fishing allowed in two of the lakes.
Pond 1 Match Bookings available. Generally level, firm bottom 3 1/2' - 6' deep. Carp 1/2 - 24lb, Bream 5lb, Chub 3lb, Barbel 5lb, tench 3lb, Ide 3lb, Roach 1lb, Rudd 1lb.
Pond 2 Two acre pond, tree lined. Main specimen lake, no match booking. 4' - 12' deep, gravel bars Carp 34lb, Catfish 42lb, Tench 8lb, Bream 10lb, Eels 6lb.
Pond 3a Long narrow, tree lined 1 1/2 acre pond, 3' - 5' deep, silt bottom. Carp 22lb, Tench 5lb, Bream 6lb, Eels 7lb + Roach, Perch, Rudd etc.
Pond 3 Largest of the lakes, 3 acres, tree lined, 3' - 6' deep silt bottom, 3 islands. Carp 25lb, Tench 6lb, Bream 7lb, barbel 4lb + Roach, Rudd, Perch etc.
Pond 4 Match Fishing allowed. Round pond 1 acre, reed fringed, 6' - 16' deep hard bottom. Carp 25lb, Tench 4lb, Bream 4lb, Chub 5lb, Crucians 3lb, Ide 3lb plus a large head of smaller fish.

Details kindly supplied by Dave Barnes

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